The motive of developing capability is accomplished through trainings, workshops that are being provided and organized by the institution for educational betterment and knack enhancement. The institution hires experienced trainers in order to give trainings to professional human resource persons with an intent that the HR persons can then perform even better in their professional arena ensuing in their organization’s furtherance. The efforts does not end here as the institution also run several awareness programs on many issues that needs to be taken into consideration.

    The SIFS has developed an educational , a rostrum which is a one stop for all forensic reach. It has been created to provide an excellent hands on workshops in order to furnish the best learning experience to the masses.

    In order to encourage & promote new developments in teaching, training & research in the vast educational arena, we have come up with an educational events, a learning platform providing an opportunity to witness and involve in the best that can happen.

    The platform is especially for those people who want to reconnoitre the unexplored premises of the vast arena of erudition. The idea was put forth with an intent to take the educational field at new heights and develop a new era of education encouraging the learning enthusiasts to come together and learn as well as share the knowledge under the guidance of several renowned specialists having expertise in their respective fields.

    The curiosity of knowing something that is unknown or learning which has never learnt before and ever readiness to learn something new for self-development and knowledge enhancement is the key to achieve the life goals and ultimately the inner gratification.

    We put emphasis on promoting professionalism, training, education and research facilities turning out the youth into confident, competent and dynamic professionals, who will seamlessly adapt and develop our dynamism to benefit the society.

    The events organized by the Capability Development Institute aims at setting up the professional standards, maintaining as well as carry forwarding them in order to establish an innovative way of learning in the coming future which will help shaping up the leaners in a best constructive approach.


    We focus over upliftment of Forensic Science fraternity. Vision of the organization is to create awareness among mass, enlighten it with subject utility and implication. And to use benefits of field in day to day survival of society, help law enforcement agencies, government and private institutions heading towards the betterment of nation, rendering error free services.

    The organization also emphasizes on an eminent impartment of education to the interested young enthusiasts, who look upon to pursue their career prospects into the vast and unexplored premises of forensics.


    We urge to become an internationally discernible body sustaining its exclusive and superior services with an objective of:

      SIFS is a leading global Institution set up in order to provide amenities that would result in the capability development of an individual. The institution provides skill based trainings, knowledge based training and experience incorporating several other aspects of competency enrichment.

      1. Committing towards the fact of being lead follower of technology, with a bold spirit of risk-taking that would help us mark our presence worldwide
      2. Operating and executing projects with an efficient investment of quality, cost, and time, in order to ensure our existence in the observances of the clients endlessly
      3. Nurturing the business effectively and strategically, be it nationally or globally
      4. Performing with a motive of “Leading with care”, thereby having a sense of concern towards the society
      5. Promoting professionalism, training, education and research facilities in the vast field of forensic science.
      6. Tuning out the forensic youth into confident, competent and dynamic professionals, who will seamlessly adapt and develop our dynamism to benefit the society.
      7. Building lasting relationships with our clients by providing cutting edge solutions and services that exceed their expectations.